Director/Producer Heather Lenz with Daisuke Murata, curator of Real Utopia, a group exhibition featuring Ms. Kusama at the 21st Century Museum in Kanazawa.
Dr. Agishi on ferry between Naoshima and Uno port.
Translator / Cinematographer Shinpei Takeda, Director / Producer Heather Lenz, and Dr. Akiko Agishi at Uno Port waiting for a ferry to visit the Benesse House at Naoshima.
Director/Producer Heather Lenz (orange coat) with Dr.Akiko Agishi (2nd from left) and translator Shinpei Takeda (far right) while visiting the PR manager (far left) and curator (center) for the Benesse Art Site at Naoshima.
February 2007 Film Shoot in Japan
Director/Producer Heather Lenz at the Yayoi Kusama studio in Tokyo.
Photos courtesy of Dr. Akiko Agishi Dr. Akiko Agishi
Translator/Cinematographer Shinpei Takeda next to Kusama sculpture at Naoshima.
Ms. Kusama\'s sculpture outside of the Matsumoto City Museum.
Director / Producer Heather Lenz protecting Translator / Cinematogpapher Shinpei Takeda from rain while filming the Matsumoto City castle






























Ms. Yayoi Kusama introduces herself to our crew (Shinpei Takeda, Dr. Akiko Agishi, and Director/Producer Heather Lenz).